GM 6.5 Diesel Oil catch can for intercooler system

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If you have installed an inter cooler system on your 6.5, you should put on an oil catch can.  It goes in the CDR valve line to catch oil naturally passed by the CDR valve ( a.k.a "tuna can") so it does not end up DOWN in the inter cooler to plug it, fill it or goo it up.  Just mount anywhere below the CDR valve so oil spray drains or drops into the can.  Has lines big enough for the CDR valve.  Use 1 1/4 inch vinyl tubing or hose to plumb it - not included.  Has sight line and ball valve for draining at the bottom

You can probably make this yourself, but if you want to just buy it - here it is.

This item has been designed and reviewed in accordance California Air Resources Board (CARB) regualtions and restrictions and because it is a FULL KIT that is a "functionally indentical" replacment part system, it is an approved replacement part.for the GM 6.5 Diesel system for all engines from 1993 all the way to 2006.  (Yes, they were made up to 2006 titled in some Motorhome or specialty chassis vehicles like step vans etc - that sat in inventory sold and tilted into the 2006 model year by remanufacturer vendors)

This kit produces a functionally identical part as identified at 13 CCR § 1900(20).  [California Code of Regulations] and is thus exempt under any California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation or jurisdiction. 

When installed as instructed, this kit produces a "functionally identical" part to in minimum - but not limited to the CDR (Crankcase Depression Regulator) oil catch function.  It is a good back up to keep oil from going down into the intercooler - though air velocity usually keeps it moving on back up as a spray mist anyway.

There is a pic attached to this listing of the CDR valve taken apart, and by gravity it is supposed to leave oil behnd - but if you have strong blow-by - it will let oil past into the air intake - which normally without a turbo intercooler will not hurt anyting - but with an intercooler it might collect in the intercooler if it cools and condenses in the travel through the intercooler.

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The CDR valve is not included.  You will need to measure for - and purchase 1.5 inch vinyl tubing to route the air through the catch can - the vinvyl tubing is not included.

This is a custom special order 2 week lead time item, not returnable 


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Price: $149.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 8 in × 5 in
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